court house

before & after photos


    The Pownalborough Court House Stewardship Committee has done a lot of work in the past four years.

  • upgraded the entire electrical system, making the building safe and enhancing convenience
  • re-roofed the entire main building
  • repaired/reparged the south chimney - and in the process discovered that the gigantic chimney is original above the roof line. This is unusual in a 1761 building of this size.
  • removed, re-glazed and painted all the windows, inside and out
  • repainted the entire three-storey structure
  • installed lightning protection
  • removed two trees that threatened the building and many trees that threatened the Revolutionary cemetery located on the grounds a short distance away
  • repaired stones in the cemetery

    The photos below represent a small sampling of our array of before and after photos.

View from river side
AFTER: view of river side of Court House

view from road
AFTER: view of road side of Court House
Before: front (river side) of building

Before window
Before: window from the inside
before window
Before: window from outside

Before diseased tree
Before: diseased tree
Before: ell side of building
Before chimney
Before: south chimney and roof

Before: roof (with view of Kennebec)


After closer view
AFTER: a closer view. The tree to the left
this fall and had to be removed. You
can see that the north chimney still needs
work, though this is mostly cosmetic.