2013 Gathering of Lincoln County’s Historical Societies
Results from the "Small Questionnaire:"
NOTE: As we plan another event for next year, we will solicit additional input.

Eleven questionnaires representing 10 organizations were filled out.

1. What is the greatest need or challenge that your history-focused organization faces?

  • Most people said that greatest need/challenge was the need for members and/or volunteers (8 of 11). One of these respondents mentioned a need for participation by year-round residents and younger people and another said that recruiting docents was a need.
  • Next most frequently mentioned were needs for raising money (3 of 11) - funds for maintaining/preserving buildings (3) and hiring staff (1).
  • Other needs: finishing restoration work on a building, finding ways to use resources after building was complete on a property, and disaster preparedness.

2. If we hold a 2014 Gathering of Lincoln County Historical Organizations next year, what suggestions do you have for the event? Not everyone made suggestions and some made several. Here they are:

  • Brainstorm ways to grow our organizations
  • More open discussion between organizations
  • Ideas for outreach
  • Use a morning for more group-focused ideas and have 1-2 speakers
  • Sharing of historical information that might connect us; part of program devoted to topics that are of interest across town boundaries, including display of interesting artifacts
  • Workshops
  • Make it on a Saturday from 9-12 to have enough time
  • Will probably evolve nicely, with topics, group discussion formats
  • Lincoln Co. started disaster prepardedness plans for towns and historical groups 2 years ago and only some are done

3. What is the best month to hold a Gathering like this one? ___________  Next best? ___________


September (3)
NOT July or August


October (4)
NOT July or August