Photo Kitchen Fireplace



Downstairs Rooms

The Ell Visitors enter the house through the ell added at a later date. This ell was once work space and is now used as an exhibition room, telling local stories such as that of the shipbuilding industry of Damariscotta/Newcastle. Here you can see the house's original shingled roof, enclosed by the newer addition.

The Kitchen or Keeping Room Sections of the original whitewashed vertical planked walls and gunstock corner posts are exposed. Also of interest is the central chimney with its large cooking hearth and bake oven, the original floorboards and the ceiling beams that run the full depth of the house. The room is simply furnished as it might have appeared in 1754. There is evidence of a pantry at the east end.

The Borning Room This small room served many purposes as family needs changed. One such use was as a daycare center while Mom worked in the kitchen. Original accordian lathe is exposed. Unpainted tongue and groove interior paneling has mellowed with age.

The Yellow Bedroom This room looks as it might have in the 1780's after being modernized. As a family's economic well-being improved, lathe and plaster were often added to outside walls and feather-edged tongue and groove pine paneling received a coat of milk-based paint. A section of the original pumpkin yellow paint can be seen near the bed. This folding bed and dark blue linsey-woolsey quilt were found locally. You see original floor boards, a raised and fielded wall of paneling, and window trim added to the windows.

The Front Entryway is as it looked after lathe and plaster was added. There is a 6-panel door. The floor is original and the feather-edged sheathing is as it would have been in the 1790's.

The Parlor or Best Room This room represents the third stage of the house's evolution and appears as it might have in the 1820's. It was here that guests were entertained. The built in corner cupboard with curved back was meant to display one's best china. The fireplace has a more elaborate mantel. As was then the fashion, fewer original unpainted wooden surfaces are seen. The room also serves as an office.